And the Battle is On!!

The battle begins!

I shall be following a schedule that has been formulated by practice and observation during the last 4 weeks. I would like to relate the last 4 weeks at pilot for experimenting what works and what doesn’t for me and mine. Someone once told me,there is no easy way out to being honest and cutthroat! Weightloss is one such endeavor!

The General Motor diet and its cousin diets are very popular. I tried to use Rujuta Divekar’s Gyan here and tabulate a diet that works for a busy mommy life.

Weight @ present: 169lbs, Target weight (final):145 lbs! 

The time is plenty,but aim is bounded! Focus-hour glass!

Featured image

Featured image

I m a morning person-thanks to the middle class upbringing by my parents that certain traditional ways were imposed growing up. Most of my activities are lined for the early hours of the day. Cleaning the dishwasher while setting up for tea and breakfast, light cooking for lunch, packing up lunch boxes for the family, making the beds so on and so forth. I prefer finishing all my chores and relaxing a bit. So, my breakfast usually suffers and I end up hogging at lunch. Most busy moms (with or without liking for it) end up doing this.

We are moving into a new place and hence my son is going to be home for a few months until the move happens! I need retirement plan after that :P!! Thinking a Spa-day already!! But, until then my energy levels have to be high (and without sugar 😛 ). I squeezed in my routine details into my son’s Montessori schedule!! That really works well for us. He is used to the zoning of activities and spaces because of the school program. It suits my 2-3 hourly eat and work regimen too.

With all due regard to smoothie lovers, I love my food into its actual form, unprocessed wherever possible. So, no fruit juices or shakes for me please! This is just a base schedule that I make for myself. But, I m going to deal with each day as it comes (I know sister, you hear me :D)!

All you lovelies, wish me luck !! Head, shoulders, knees and toes all crossed!!



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