Humble Moderation.

Last two days have been the days of moderation. These two shall educate my body to control the urge to over eat and achieve moderation. The moderation that seems so natural and inherent habitant to our systems isn’t as easy to achieve. The perfection of a baseline schedule needs the complete unison & consensus of body (all the auto systems in the body), mind (will power) and overall state of a human being (mood and happiness quotient).

Hypothetically, the trio (above) must be at peace. But, for most times it’s not 😦

We really live a very complicated life and our happiness depends upon material factors (sad but true fact) that weren’t existent decades ago when the prior generations lived in cell-free systems. The complications and their complexities are self-induced. I am manipulated by such external pushes a zillion times and well honestly I let them do it to me.

In Hindu mythology there is a belief that the current age is the age of sinful deeds and untowardly outbreak of misfortune. I simply call it the age of “stress”. Unfortunately, in retrospect the future generations are going to hold us responsible for introducing stress into the soils of mankind.

In India, my forefathers grew up eating home-made ghee (Clarified butter) , locally grown fresh fruits & vegetables (for the advent of organic hadn’t hit the shores, it was assumed that no cosmetics were used in the making thereof) and walked to their heart’s content. My grandfather,”tatya” as we fondly called him; died at the age of 95 with mild diabetes (diagnosed in his 70’s) yet at good portions of Shrikhand (and all possible sweets with enthusiasm of an eight year old) and walked at least 5-7miles a day like a 20 year old. Miraculously, he had all his teeth and dark black hair on his head.

I base all my adventures on such moderation. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I don’t. There is to learn and derive from every experiment. My experiment with moderation of the weight loss adventure tale thus revealed!

My day starts at 6.30 am. With a kid in tow, its difficult to really time every activity of the day hence instead of assigning a definite number (time-wise) to every task I would like to log an interval of 2-3 hours between activities. Hence, this schedule could transform as per your convenience. Mommy’s messed schedules are too routine to not be planned for, what say? (:P)

Yesterday was a happy day and I’d give myself a pat for achieving decently. (Please don’t mind me patting myself for little brags because it boosts my spirits). Woke up and finished the survival routine (ablutions etc.). The most pat-worthy part is me was sticking to the fruit at breakfast routine. I had nearly 2 bowls of watermelon. To my astonishment I was full for nearly 2 hours after that. My son and me danced on some upbeat film music numbers for over an hour. I don’t remember dancing like this for the last 6 years!! Super fun folks, a must try at own risk (very exhaustive and addictive).

Continued to keep the lunch light and nutritious. Had made some Chili Potato and cucumber salad. I was really hungry at lunch so while the food was in the process of cooking, I ate some peanuts along with my son while listening to “Storynory”. Peanuts are like a cheat snack for me, fill me up even if consumed in small quantity. What is your cheat sneak snack?? Do share with me please!! After the whole dancing, running and cooking my son was tired and napped well. It was wise to stay indoors and not go out for the post-lunch walk. We restored the energy levels by 4-4.30,just in time for tea with husband! I quickly fixed us dinner of fresh basil rice with tomato-carrot soup and went out on a 1hour walk! Though it seemed hectic and exhaustive, the day was well received!

As for today, it was a bitter & sweet day for me. So no pats, no slaps for today. I call such days the day of averages. Had a social commitment (ate small portion of Upma)in the evening so could not get my evening walk, but managed to have a post-lunch brisk walk. Completed only 1.5 miles instead of 2.5 from yesterday. By the way, I m using Moves app to track my steps and it’s a pain! Please suggest me free apps that are better and don’t goof up!

My fruit for today was 1/4 th portion of papaya. I thought it would be easy to finish 1/2 but was too full to finish. Again, the papaya was very refreshing and in spite of soccer I remained hydrated.

Anyway, I over ate my lunch (left over rice re-invented with paneer and tomato soup) because of the soccer and dance gig with my son at the circle time! Oh man! Don’t know how my kid gets all this energy! He can keep bouncing without a break for 30 minutes. This is purely unadulterated observation!Dinner was again average, I ate 2 small onion-mint-cilantro parathas without oil.

A day is a struggle and victory game. A conspiracy of law of averages and moderation keeps the motivation stronger. Before I put my inks to rest, FYI my weight today was the same as yesterday (169lbs).

Hopefully have a better news for tomorrow 🙂 Adieus!

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Something for tomorrow 🙂


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