Colour Burst Day!

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Gosh! Woke up at 8 today with a hungry boy to feed and no time to recover. Without brushing teeth, just rushed to the kitchen and warmed up some milk for him in the microwave. In that brief minute we managed to finish brushing each other’s teeth and making the bed. Don’t ask me how!

My son has a sophisticated palate for his age. When he says coffee it cannot taste like chocolate for sure. In the jiffy, I forgot that his highness had sudden craving for coffee (a hint of dust into his milk not more) instead of chocolate. You can imagine the orchestra that happened after that :P. But, he is a man of logic; if explained to him, he would accept it for a reason. And he will make sure you say sorry a couple of times atleast. I cannot imagine my mother doing this ever in my productive years of picturesque memory to me! Days have changed and there is no harm in accepting your mistake.

We were really hungry and Udeet (my son) suggested we must have a spring salad with olive kissed tofu for breakfast.

Me thinking:”Is it spring? Really?” The last two days the onset of warmth suddenly has vanished and a cold windy wave is back again. Being from a city like Bombay (Sorry, I don’t call it Mumbai, never grew up referring to it that way) hot and humid weather is my most homely cushion. But, love the fall and spring here equally.

So, we made this awesome spring salad. It was fun making it together. Cooking or baking together with my son is totally a mommy and me activity! We enact the dialogues from shows like Cutthroat kitchen, Iron chef America etc. As he is growing, Udeet has begun to show certain personality here, especially the way he does the Ted Allen act from Chopped!

The salad and tofu thing was made in 15 minutes and eaten in the next 25. We decided to draw pictures today instead of alphabets. He has really picked up shading with two colours. Today was a different day and so we played cricket instead of circle time! I bowled obviously 🙂 Trust me its easier said than done. Keeping up with the enthusiasm of a 3.5 year old really requires lot of stamina. After every ball, he wanted to dance on the songs (the cheerleaders on IPL matches dance to love music these days, so that’s what we were doing to amuse ourselves :P).

Oh my! it was 11 already by the end of it! My heart was racing because I knew my son would be hungry again by 11.45! So quickly fixed us lunch, made stuffed okra and roti (for him) for us.

Today we saw an awesome documentary Life on Netflix. We just loved the flying fish in Antartica and the bottleneck dolphins! Just amazing. Must watch! Soon after, I cleaned up and put my son to sleep.

Since the renovation is in full swing in our new home, we had to go with the contractor to buy few supplies, so there was hardly any rest time in between. Udeet had barely slept for 30 minutes when my husband came to pick us up. We walked around few warehouses in search of Quartz of our choice, but couldn’t find any :(.

But, we drove back to the new house to check on the new doors installed. I missed my walk today but played with my son in the front yard for 25-30 minutes. Super fun! As tired as I could be after a hectic day, dinner had still to be fixed. Came home and made Pav Bhaji! Believe me this is a no oil, no butter version unlike the infamous street food style. In fact, it’s one of the most healthy street foods full of vibrant coloured vegetables cooked with spicy all spices powder if cooked without oil and butter. It’s an Indian version of Chili!

I was so tired today that my husband offered to do the dishes. So, as I sat finishing my blog post for today, he cleared up the kitchen for me! Days when I just fall in love with Rohan all over again 🙂 Does it happen to you? I m sure it does! God takes his own form to reach you. Sometimes knocks through your conscience within and most times mesmerizes your husband to do the act of godliness 🙂

Btw, cannot weigh in for next 5 days, its that week of the month that makes a woman proud! I’d like to share another little secret here, a busy mommy need to spend hours at the gym if she sweats it out cleaning the house in the midst of all the chaos ! That would unveil my exhaustion at the end of the day!

One more reason that makes me proud is the story of a 90 year old veteran nurse who celebrated her 90th birthday working! My salute to her dedication and service! Women of honour create the world’s best experiences!


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