The Rain-coat on Californian streets!

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Ah, what a day it was! Woke up to a cloudy morning with little nestle-ites chirping everywhere. Finishing the ablutions I began my day with my son Udeet. As I began to make tea and warm up milk for my son, a song (Shayarana) from the movie “Dawat-e-ishq” sung by Shalmalee Kholgade was constantly playing in my mind. And we started swinging to the number soon on iphone! What a fun way to start the day!

As usual we studying some sounds and spells. He looked at me (I know that look, he wanted to ask me something).

He wants to know more about how babies are born and where they come from. I told him that we prayed to god and he gave us a boon in the form of a baby. The baby was obviously you (Udeet), I said. He thought for a while only to ask again ,”can I go back into your tummy?” I smiled and said that he was too old to go back into my tiny tummy (ahh, tiny tummy sounds so nice!!). I told him that a mother’s tummy could keep the baby only for 9 months. Then the size of the baby is too big for the room inside and the baby decides to come out. I knew after this a big “how Aai? (mother)” would follow (and it did) ! I said the doctor has to make a cut on Aai’s tummy so the baby can come out. He hugged me and said “thank-you Aai”. He accepted and we were back into the alphabets and numbers! Trust me, it was such a difficult thing to explain. The more I think about it, I m really giggling 🙂 Only if ever there is a way to find out how the little brain of our offspring works!

Children always have something to discover. We as adults are so boring in contrast to their innovative development. I feel a sense of growth during all our conversations.

Today was jam square sandwich day for us! I ate my papaya and he finished his sandwich.

I was looking at my friend’s midnight baking adventures on FB. Udeet saw the pic and we both knew what would be next! We had to bake a healthy orange pecan cake! It was already lunchtime as we cleared up the baking mess. Fortunately, I had some Bhaji from yesterday’s Pav Bhaji and Okra for my little buddy. Warmed and served us a good lunch. Today’s circle time was baking time. But, we danced for sure !

The house was soon filled with citrus-y aroma from the orange and earthy fragrance from the pecans. As usual Udeet wanted to eat the cake even before it gets rested. But, I managed to hold fort for a change.Moved him into bathing and tucked him into a blanket.

While he slept and I bathed, the cake rested too! I could not eat a lot today and was drinking lot of water (very unusual of me). But, the two bowls of sabji kept me full. Btw, I did not eat the cake even though it was so healthy. I prefer my ginger tea any day!

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Featured imageThere was a mid-week crisis today in the kitchen. I was too bored to cook out of fenugreek leaves or green beans. Thought of making simple mixed dals (mixed soup of pulses) and rice, but then we needed some protein. My friend Anita’s “dahi murg” concept flashed through my mind and I fixed a mint-yogurt-paneer-mint kadhai curry for us (recipes will be shared soon:).

It rained cats and dogs through the evening. Going out was not an option at all that too with a kid. No way! Struggles of a stay at home mommy! Well, I walked and tracked my steps in our living room. If it continues pouring tomorrow, planning to do some curls and sit ups.

Weigh in will have to wait for 10 days. I feel the water retention due to growth time of the month. Rricha suggested eating watermelons on such bloated days.Will add a melon to my grocery list. Prefer making a list and shopping on fridays than any other days of the week. How about you?

Packed weekend ahead and m determined to keep my diet in line. Are you?


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