As the fifth day arrives, I realized it’s Friday!

Thought of sharing my thoughts on the fifth day because on the fifth day god made fish and birds. Learn to be agile, swift and adaptable like both of them. Enjoy smaller joys and celebrate life for every bit. Don’t stress over a moment of weakness (like eating few bites out of tiramisu:P). Assume that you can minimize, not eliminate certain things out of your life totally.

How do you plan your Fridays? How do you make your Fridays more interesting?

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Well, it depends on your commitment status and if you have kids or not. A typical parent would answer, eat, pray and sleep!

For families with kids it’s pretty much a regular day (office/school/dinner/grocery). Does it mean, we don’t have our share of fun? Obviously, we do! But, the pleasures are much more simplified than expected. Instead of a fancy dinner outside, it’s a home-cooked special meal or a togo from the nearest eatery along with a movie like Cars (1 or 2), Planes, Frozen etc. I know so many of my colleagues who just rent or buy these movies on amazon for less than 10$. Trust me it’s the most pragmatic option. How many times do you get stares in public spaces because of your baby crying or well just being a child? I understand the situation that parents are in and empathize equally with those who wish to have a quiet time with loved ones. So, I chose to stay indoors and let my kid be!

However, this was one of those Fridays when most of the dairy and perishables were finished at home. We (Husband and me) had to check on the renovation at our new place so had to go to the place. It seemed like a tough task to have dinner at 7.30 pm if we were to do the grocery, come home and cook dinner. So, we decided to go to P.F Chang’s Bistro. It’s one of our favourite places for a number of reasons, firstly my kid loves the food their (veg dumplings, calamari and tiramisu), secondly the Trader Joe’s store is right in front of it and lastly it’s kids friendly (crayons and the cat paper to draw, bliss)!

Yes, I know what you are thinking! After regulating for this while, did she break the rule? Did she eat high calorie food once again? The answer is moderation of averages! I ate little bit of everything-ate some calamari and chicken, veggies (no rice) and very little noodles. I wasn’t feeling bloated and stuffed at all. The only guilt was those few bites out of Rohan’s piece of tiramisu! I m not going let this bring me down.I m going to pursue my dream till the end.

There are so many of my friends who left their regimen when they could not see visible results for any reasons. I relate to that frustration and disgust. For people like me who struggle with their weights (to reduce or increase) it’s a matter of peer pressure too. It’s such an awkward situation to not get anything that fits you in a place like India. Most of the garments in US are made in India, but we get all sizes here. Does it mean fat/extremely thin people in India cannot be fashion conscious? I have seen my cousin go through this. She was so embarrassed and pained to hear all the remarks that people had to make on her appearance. There is much more beyond the layers of obesity or streamline bodies, the heart and human within. That heart can never shrink or contract. The virtue is immortal. And for those who are working hard to shed those extra layers of fat, perseverance is the key. Don’t lose your hope, lose your weight. If you work hard, no plateau can ever get to you.

Again, constantly switching diets or maintaining the same diet for ages would not solve the problem. Get yourself a thorough check-up from your physician. Based on your body type and conditions some things would /would not work for you. Give the regimen sometime on your body, it’s healing and recovery takes a while sometimes.

Do you read logic behind this sermon? I know you do. Just saw you nod and smile!

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As far as the day was concerned, diet wise I did well. Ate papaya after 30 min of my tea as suggested by Sonica Sharma for better iron absorption. For lunch ate 2 bowls of mix vegetable and loads of water. Is it the weather or it’s just me? I have been really drinking lot of water for last two days and cleansing it out :P!

Inspired by Anagha’s apricot-lavender jam I decided to make an apricot-thyme spread for my son’s sandwich today! It turned out really well!

Featured imageMe did some Bollywood dancing with my son to get in the mood! My son wanted to do something different instead of usual phonetics so we made a tent on the tabletop with a comforter! I was taken to my childhood days when me and my cousin brother would plant all possible quilts on the vintage bed at my granny’s place in Bombay! So miss all the fun! But memories live, moments pass J

 Happy Friday y’all! And remember allow your body a chance to heal, to set into a diet regimen. Introduce a variation, one at a time to the diet plan to figure out what works better for achievement of your goals. Every aim is result oriented, but the results need to be realistic. There is one version by the book, but life has lot more to offer. Enjoy!


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