Orange Pecan cake!

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California has been so eagerly waiting for the rain god to shower blessings. The winters were pretty much dry. Now as we approach spring, we see the showers finally. The lovely skies have the “megh” (Sanskrit word for cloud) doing its magic. My heart races to get romantic! Do you also get the misty eyes when you think about rain and the memories associated with it?

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Love this cloudy weather. It takes me back to the water logged streets of Bombay in June, just as the schools began after the summer break. Ironically, Bombay has one constant season-the season of summer all round the year. But, nothing to beat its rains! My Aai’s very traditional yet perfectly organized kitchen would be floating with the fragrance of something baked in her oven. If I ever dare to again, someday I’d like to recreate her Pound cake. It’s perfect, never flaky or dense. Just perfect.

While surfing in the morning, I saw my friend Dhanashree’s orange pound cake. It looked heavenly. She is an amazing baker and love her twists to traditional recipes!

My son saw the picture and I knew what’s coming next!

Referred a recipe and added some twists to it to suit our taste.

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The base recipe is here. I used whole wheat flour. But, I have made this cake with almond flour as well and it turns out as tasty as this one. The texture is a bit flakier than this one. But, it’s extremely flavorful.

Used honey instead of sugar /jaggery. I wasn’t so sure about using jaggery (better than sugar) because its a stronger ingredient and not the usual ingredient for cakes. This time around, I used 1/4cup of almond milk to add depth of flavour along with 3/4th cup fresh orange juice. The almond milk gave the desired richness to an eggless cake, making it light and not dense at all. Olive oil adds to the richness of flavour and enhances the citrus-y enchant. Pecans gave a nice crunch in the middle giving an earthy nuance to it.

Followed all the directions as per the blog. I used wax paper to line my meat-loaf pan.

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People often mention the number of servings that a recipe would serve. Every person has different relationship with sweet/savory dishes.

The serving size depends totally upon the audience who wishes to enjoy it. Don’t you think? For a moderate level of sweet tooth audience, 20 slices (each a cm thick) could be made.

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But, I don’t believe in measuring and portioning good times with family and friends. So, go ahead and enjoy the rains with an aromatic healthy cake and hot ginger spiced tea! Everything’s on house 🙂


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