Super Saturday!

Ahh, the long awaited Super Saturday is here! Woke up early. Had lots on my mind-excitement, anxiety and curiosity.

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Day 6 of my diet regimen and I m all set to attend a food centric party at Rupali & Meena’s. Challenging right? Especially, if you are a foodie!

But then, don’t we all love challenges? Yes, we sure do! And as I draped myself into a saree, I promised myself to curb my urge to splurge on calories and focus on having a good time with friends. To have fun and enjoy one does not need to eat more, isn’t it?

The food was really great-a wide range of regional Indian delicacies. My friends really worked heard to serve us all the yummy food. I tasted everything in small quantities. But, we burnt a lot of calories by playing games out in the backyard. All the jumping and bouncing was so much fun! We laughed and laughed more!

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Not to forget I finally met my dream girl in the Bay-Anagha! What an amazing person she is! As good as her recipes, but prettier than in pictures J

Btw, I have pledged to wear saree once a week. It’s a tough task to practice especially in US. But, my fetish for sarees and many inspiring women across the globe keep my motivation high. Love this traditional attire. Three weeks down already and not looking back ever. This is my way to revive and re-establish the graciousness of my most favorite attire-“Saree”. In fact, Me and Anita have collaborated to form a group for Saree love on Facebook! Believe it or not, there are so many crazy saree lovers eager to share their collection, experiences and memories associated with their sarees. Yeah, you can see my eyes glitter with the word “saree” already J

There’s something very feminine and dignified about sarees that makes every woman look gorgeous (Watch this space for more on my Saree fetish). Perfect look for a very contemporary, charismatic yet classical women of the competitive world today.

So, this Saturday was a 12-hour saree day! Left the house at 10 am in the morning and returned after attending one party and another social commitment at 9.30 pm! Super fun!

The only guilty thing was having tea for 3 times today 😦

That would explain why I wasn’t too hungry and very thirsty all day long. I was in such a hurry to leave that my fruit bowl routine was skipped today. Though the day was irregular, I tried to maintain a balance by eating small portions and not over-eating. It would be wise to say that it was an average day but full of excitement!

Husband offered to eat out (because it was late and I hadn’t made dinner), but I chose to eat an egg and bread at home than that. Felt good to make an economical yet healthy choice!

Weighing the same as last saturday. I think after this spurt of water retention,my weights should be down! Pray a happy Monday for me!!


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