Seventh sinful day!

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All of us have our share of sins, don’t we? Some accept it while others choose to keep it uptight. I choose the prior always. I never feel bad confessing my sin and apologizing for it. If I m convinced about my mistake, then nothing stops me from owning up to it.

Our son has been behind our lives to feed him some ice cream since last Saturday after he had his hair cut. But, because of my diet I was pushing it under the carpet. My son does not like to eat all by himself. He wants to enjoy every bite with us. Refusing him is a crime and eating an ice cream by myself is a sin. But, I m sure most of us have been through this dilemma of having to make a choice between crime and sin! I decided to commit the sin of eating one scoop of ice cream because my son insisted.

Honestly, I do not like ice creams and chocolates at all. Growing up I had severe issues with tonsils so the doctor had strictly prohibited me from consuming ice creams, chocolates, soft drinks and juices from the pack. So never really took to like them. I craved for coke only in last lap of my pregnancy. After many negotiations just 3 days before my due date my husband let me have just half a glass of coke. My water broke minutes after that and that’s where the love for coke ended.

Anyway, I ate it today. Period. And,if it means I need to slog more,I shall gladly do it.

The day began with the usual chores and prepping for lunch. We had to leave for floor tile hunt after lunch so wanted to make one pot dish. We can never have enough of Biryani? Can we? 😛 Quickly chopped some vegetables partially cooked them in a sauce and topped them with part cooked rice, allowing it to cook covered for 7 minutes. The traditional biryani takes at least 35 minutes to cook and prepping time is extensive too. I make that version for special occasions. But, this one is mommy’s helper show-stopper!

Its tough to multi-task, but women have really been built to do that! Don’t you agree with the sketch here? It’s ridiculously true!

Ahh, so as I finished washing the utensils and clearing up kitchen, my son’s fancy décor in the living room caught my eyes. Cleaned up the living and den in minutes and helped my husband dress our son. Then had bath and quickly stuck a decent pair of jeans on myself. Wandered in two stores to find out flooring which we could afford. Eventually, came home with no bills yet! After another round of research and deliberations, we ordered them online.

Trust me if you are thinking of buying a home, you are going to soon be disagreeing on everything with your partner. Be it the colour, texture, cost or appearance of finishes, you are going to learn to agree on nothing:P.

We finished the remaining part of the grocery shopping after that and came home. Udeet was so tired and went to bed soon. It was 5.30 already and we did not wish to sleep so late.

Saw a very inspiring documentary called “Anita” on Netflix. Brilliant documentary. How the society has changed since 1991 and the concepts of women empowerment deteriorated as compared to then. Unbelievable. This documentary is about the courage of a young woman Anita Hill who stood for her reasons. She was the first lady to have stood up and say “Yes, I was harassed at work by my boss and will stand up for the cause at any cost”. Today, we see videos where we have women associating talking about women empowerment and translating the choice to consume or not in a relationship as the prime most way to do so, this documentary is certainly a footprint for those who have lost their paths. The early 90’s even in the US were tough for women.

I am not pro any gender. My value system is my true character, my enterprise. That’s what was built through my journey on the stage of the world and will stay thereafter. I care about that. And above all,a human who would be just and unbiased to see through the crux. I care about that. To me,that’s human empowerment.

As I said before, this blog is not merely a weightloss or recipe blog. It’s a space of and for venting the thoughts that a layman can comprehend.

Anyway, by the end of the documentary it was time to get started for dinner. My husband and I deliberate (argue: read) a lot.So time quickly passes 😛  He decided to wake up Udeet,our son while I entered the kitchen stadium 😀

I made some traditional Maharashtrian “Thalipeeth”-thick pancakes made of dry roasted pulses, grains, cumin seeds and coriander seeds mill grounded. I carry this home made flour from my mother’s place in India. A versatile flour by nature and could be easily manipulated into a protein rich porridge, a pancake or steamed cakes or balls as appetizers. That sure is one protein packed meal that could include any vegetables of your choice.

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Slept earlier than usual. Long day today. Emotionally and physically as drained as I was,a good night’s sleep is all me wanted!


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