Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday: A marathon!

Wow, I barely finish my backlog of posts for the last weekend and mid-week is already knocking my doors! This is really a marathon challenge. Logging everyday and keeping it interesting without monotonousness is a serious task. It’s tough but absolutely joyous!

Featured imageMondays are usually back-on track days. Almost like a post-hangover day, in this case post-weekend hangover instead of alcoholic. Yes, that reminds me my diet regimen is totally alcohol free. I used to enjoy a drink before pregnancy but not a fan after delivery. I could not bear even a diluted cocktail anymore (yes, you heard it right)! Another thing is it makes me extremely sleepy if I dare-to do it (even a single glass of wine does that to me!!). And, the day when I face such drowsiness, my son makes sure that kick is out of me sooner! So, moral of the story I have to keep all my days off alcohol to be awake J Plus, alcohol is injurious to health, isn’t it? 😀

So, this Monday we ate the left-over vegetable biryani from Sunday’s lunch. It tasted so nice! Yes, but nothing to match the wonderful Vijaywada Biryani at Rupali and Meena’s special event. But, one has to be happy with what you have got, isn’t it?

Monday and Tuesday were a bit mish-mash in terms of following the circle time and my son’s study class schedule. I had lots to clean up and had to ask him to play by himself. Had 3 loads of laundry to fold! Trust me I really enjoy folding the warm clothes just out of the dryer. Totally hate the stale (cold and not warm) clothes in dryer from a day before. They take a long while to straighten up and fold. My son’s stroller was so messed up, had to give it a good rub! In my mind, I burnt 10000 calories, but that’s a fictitious number!Monday evening my husband decided to pay a visit to the new home for invigilation. So, did not have much time to cook. We were pretty late to come home and cook, so decided to eat out. After a tiring day and not much eaten, I ate heartily! Would not be surprised if that shows on the weighing scale sooner! Missed on a fruit breakfast too!

Tuesday morning totally drained me. I had been so lazy on Wednesday night that didn’t do the dishes, so woke up on Tuesday to a sink full of dishes. Do you hate such a sight too? It’s the most disgusting wake up picture! But, mommy has no choices, does she? But we still managed to eat that cantaloupe sitting in the tray for ages!

It was my birthday on Tuesday so my son wanted a cake. But, I managed to make a home-grown mango ice-cream (low on sugar-only tastes a little). Will share a recipe soon! While he ate that, I prepared the dough for Methi Paratha and mixed dal for dinner (yes, we took the diet a bit too seriously and stayed home for dinner:P).

Diet wise, I had under-eaten these two days. Balance was replaced by work-overload and stress. Ahh, stress, we will discuss that later!

Wednesday was fruitful I would say. After the usual ablutions and tea, we baked orange-thyme and apricot mini-muffins. I made use of the newly revived stroller and took my son for a long walk (me walking and he strolling). The weather was perfect for a stroll and helped me walk about 1.8 miles without any yapping from my son. I know, really it happened!

After a peaceful walk we came home and had lunch! My boy ate his methi paratha (Indian layered whole wheat bread infused with fenugreek leaves) and I finished the mixed dal as well as Sautéed French beans.

My son was tired after he ate the ice-cream and slept sooner! After a hectic 4 days Wednesday afternoon was the most peaceful. I finished my teatime post and prepared dinner.

After my husband came we went to the new house. The contractor hadn’t done much in the last two days. Being an architect myself, I absolutely know the time-frame for each activity. So, it just gets on to me. But, then one has to be more diplomatic at times and deal with things. Diplomacy and manipulation are not my forte. Sometimes, I feel my over the top straight forwardness is causing most fatal to me than good. I have had people with brick-bats (virtually) throwing at me (avoid me is a better term) for being as upfront and honest. Over the years, I have toned down and learnt to keep my frankness to myself. But its an acquired art and not inherent. I admire people who get politics into the world. That’s some job!

 Anyway, it’s better to be fooled than the fool-er , don’t you think? Do you think the same?

Btw,fourth weekend of my saree pledge challenge! Would you be interested in unveiling the details of drape,pattern et al?

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