Day 17: De-stress!

After a roller coaster day of emotional ups and downs, I woke up to overwhelming response to my Day 16 log on a detailed recital of the friendship melodrama in US 😛

But, my “Be Fit buddies” on Facebook (Amruta W, Rani, Aishwarya, Janki, Manasi W-G, Sonica & Swati) a big shout out of heartfelt appreciation J for all you lovely ladies. Thanks for motivating me out of dullness and sharing your experiences with me so generously.In the words of Celine DionA New Day Has come“!

In the world of mean-ness, I felt there are at least a handful of people who feel exactly the way I do. I am hopeful (thanks to you girls) that one day there will be people who really would value me as a friend and not hurt me so ruthlessly.

Anyway, Day 17 was carb-craving day! The only mistake that led to this was having those frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast! I need to check if they have MSG in them! I was looking for all carb enriched bread and pasta kind of food the entire day. I tried hard to curb my urge and made a very healthy Macaroni Makhanwala (Macaroni is yogurt and tomato based sauce dressed with cardamom, garam masala etc. No oil and all) for lunch. Again over Chai, I ate a slice of bread!

Featured image

The house is getting into a better shape now. The lights are up,the kitchen is getting nailed and we are excited for the flooring to be laid 🙂

Had to finish the fenugreek chicken from yesterday so made sandwiches at night. So, (Chicken) protein part was healthy but bread made it really heavy and carbylicious!

But apart from MSG suspect, I feel it was the stress leftover from yesterday that made me crave for more carbs today.

I did some research online and was surprised to find so much about this topic. The goggle search opens up millions of blogs and stories related to stress vs. carbs munching topic.

Based on the research observations, I am sharing my real life experiences to connect the dots between literature (observations) and reality.


Stress in a fitness routine surely hampers your journey.

2.5 years ago, my father passed away and I lost nearly 12 lbs in 2 months. My Baba (my father) has been the pivotal support of my entire being. And, being an only child meant taking care of everything with maturity and not letting anyone know how vulnerable you feel. And, believe me there are people who fool you when you let yourself a bit lose. I am dealing with a lot of mess that his partners left me with. But, I consider it my privilege to inherit my father’s legacy to deal with problems. I have made it a point to sink it all in as it comes.

 My pants were dropping down and I had to get them altered! I was eating well and not working out much and wondered why so much drop in weight. Sudden weight loss is not a good sign anyway. My face looked stretched and exhausted.

I thought it might be the onset of Thyroid or something worse. After we returned from India back then, I consulted my physician here. She ran some tests and I was detected with Vitamin D deficiency, a severe one. I had no issues with thyroid. But, I was concerned about my sudden loss of weight. The doctor pointed it all out to stress!

What was really concerning me?

I wasn’t really stressed so much about my father’s passing away, the real deal was my Aai (the only living parent and direct blood relative) was going to be all alone in India at the age of 68. This concern bites me all the time, but now I am in better control of my fears than before. I m sure we all have our share of such external yet personally affecting stresses in our life.

Some stresses are hurtful and volatile, but others are passive in nature. Mine is passive-active and most times something with low definitions is the most harmful.

My doctor advised me to chart out my concerns/issues, the probability of their occurrence and the solution to resolve them.

As time passes, the concerns become less fluid. My husband was supportive through out and we decided to manage things offshore. We hired people to take care of her issues and I made it a point to call her twice a day, be it for 15 minutes. A year and half later, we flew her here and she stayed in my care for 6 months. As long as she is taken care of, my stress is at bay.

Almost 2.5 years later, my vitamin D levels are fine. Here I m as thehourglassmommy optimistically looking at 30 peak years of my life to fight through wrongs and win. Win the war for my father! And own it with pride!

Cooking, writing and photography are my stress busters, what are yours? And…the best one is, my wonderful son:) (photo credits: Meena)

Featured imageAlso, sharing and bonding reduce stress. So, share your concerns with your spouses and best friends without any fear. That’s when the value of friendship is truly earned-when you can be yourself without the thought of cynicism or sarcasm.

Anyway, I hope you are looking forward to the Inspire US section for this weekend. We have another great post scheduled for this Saturday. Stay glued and stay blessed!


4 thoughts on “Day 17: De-stress!

  1. Enjoyed reading it. Anytime you feel stressed and want to talk then call me. Quite a few times I have experienced these situations when people stab you for no reason. Remember writing is an outlet to relieve stress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Priya kaku- thanks! i will certainly give you a call now 🙂 yes,writing does help me to vent my angst and disgust sometimes. not many know that i m an introvert by nature.i take a while to mention about my innermost feelings to writing helps me talk a lot 🙂


  2. Very well written Manasi. So proud of you. I guess loosing someone in life, you really value life. In your company we really feel relieved as you are our stress buster :). Keep doing what you do :).

    Liked by 1 person

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