18 & 19: Going stronger

“Time to go run the calories away, do away with all the numbers stalking you, throw out the bad habits and excess weight.” ― Alysha Speer.

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What a wonderful thought! Just loved it!

It’s almost like Spring-cleaning, throw away all the unwanted, worn out stuff and clear all the closets of junk. Your body is like a beautiful house, one needs to maintain it, nurture it. Keep it away from clutter and junk. Most people call it detox with regards to body. However, detox goes to an eccentric extent sometimes. So, I’d like to call it Spring-cleaning J.

Staying true to my diet and my goals is on my mind now. I spread my wings, be the force to help me fly!

Yesterday, we started early. Had woken up early so finished writing an editing few posts along with pictures. My son woke up soon after tea and wasn’t in a mood to brush (first) and then have his milk.

But, we had to finish up early and visit my friend Amruta who stays in the same apartment complex as ours. Her daughter Riya and Udeet are buddies too. So, when Udeet knew his friend is back after a long vacation in India, he was all excited to meet her.

Quickly made a family favourite “Sanja” (traditional breakfast item, a savory/spicy semolina pudding with veggies. But we ate it for lunchJ) for lunch and went for the play date J.

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The kids are sure growing up! We could chat for an hour long while Riya and Udeet played together. They were almost talking like adults. Isn’t it fun to watch kids behave like they are grown ups? The best part is that though they are older than before, their cuteness quotient just exceeds superiority each time.

After a wonderful time with Amruta and Riya we came home for lunch. We got a bit late for lunch, but that’s okay! Need to make a confession here 😛 (you guessed it right, I ate something J) that I enjoyed some bits of home-made deep fried Chakali and Bakarwadi that her mom-in-law had sent! Could not resist this time. But, I have no guilt at all. Life needs some zing to it. Such kicks of confessions make it better J

After Udeet had lunch I finished clicking pictures and had my meal. It’s a consuming task, really! Working with a pre-schooler constantly behind me popping tantrums and making sounds is a tough task. Cooking, clicking and making it look (taste as well :P) good while dealing with flying cars and lego pieces is a miracle! But, then only women can multi-task and excel at that, don’t you think? J

I appreciate all mommy bloggers better now! Girls, I hold you in the highest of my regards! You make a storm look like no biggie! Bravo!

Udeet had played well so slept easily today. I did not have to pray rainbows to shine J. So, got lucky there and got some time to post my recipes and daily log then.

Husband came in earlier than expected and gladly made tea (even without me asking him for a favour!!) J. Now that’s not usual J. He volunteered to make omelets for all of us! I was overjoyed! He figured out that there weren’t enough eggs for three of us and decided to make jalapeno noodles for both of us; feeding the kid an omelet! And, there I was sitting on the sofa quietly blogging! Amazing! I love my life J. Thank-you Mr.Husband!

On a serious note, I did not over eat at all. Noodles tend to do that to me (<3 them loads). I also did not have a heavy walking day today, but yet the day was good. I continued to drink more water and balanced diet. Had tea twice today as usual. Skipped the biscuits with afternoon tea to compensate the fried gluttony at Amruta’s. Eventually, balancing is valuable!

Dearies, all of us need a break and a change out of daily routine. We have decided to skip eating out unless it is mandatory to do so. But, instead we thought of having some fun with taking turns with house chores. It makes life so routine a little adventurous. Yeah, you read it right- adventurous J. With a kid in tow, the adventures are restricted J

19th day was equally fun! Udeet had been requesting three things for last few days; Besan ladu (sweet balls of Split Bengal gram), Coconut barfi (coconut fudge with nuts) and a picnic! Since there was some free time in the early hours of morning I decided to make Coconut barfi (fudge) for him. Luckily Rohan (my husband) did not have to carry a meal box today from home so some time for my dear son’s wishes J (these team lunches and fancy dinners, oh man!).

We decided to go for a stroller walk picnic at the nearest park on Benton street (Me, Udeet, Amruta and Riya). Amruta made delicious pasta and I made veggie puffs. We ran around with kids and exhausted all our calories. What a fun picnic it was! Do you also have such impromptu picnics with kids/husbands or visiting parents? I m not very good at being very impulsive. I like events to be pre-planned and things to be organized,always! But,I admit that this was fun!

Pleasure does not need a long drive to Point Reyes, all it needs is your happy self. Our kids make us realize the importance of innocence and foolishness. Yes, fooling around like monkeys-mimicking each other, jumping and yapping for no reason sure is fun! Joy and happiness need no reason really. Don’t you think it’s priceless, this age of theirs? As we grow, we learn unwanted sophistication and etiquettes but our innocence and ability to be ourselves fades. So I wish to become the toddler so carefree once again! But, I m reliving some moments of purity and truth right now through these kids, bliss!

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Came home, bathed him (my son) and done! He slept like a cuckoo J.

In all the yapping and blabbering, I do wish to remind you that tomorrow is Saturday and Inspire Us section on my blog post is going to feature another gem from our world. I m looking forward to sharing the story of a lovely lady I know for a very long time (oops, not going to shell out more details now :P).

Posting early today so I have yet to think about dinner! Remember Friday dinners are special in our household? Don’t have much ration at home today. Hoping to make something decent if not fancy J

 Anyway, you would know J Happy weekend folks!!


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