Lazy, Busy & Overlap

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Friday evening I was so bored of cooking until 7 pm. But, suddenly my energy levels just boosted up and I made Waalachi Usal (field bean, hyacinth bean or lablab-a kind of legume that needs to be soaked and sprouted early on, cooked in coconut based gravy traditionally) roti, shevai kheer (vermicelli pasta sweet pudding) and salad.

Felt so good to eat that kind of food after ages! My husband and son enjoyed Waalachi Usal as well! I was really relieved! (I m sure there is that one thing you love and the family does not. There are times you crave about it but every time that you express your aspirations to cook it-you get sour faces! This time I overcame the sour face situation, yay!!).

Since I started late, we could not have dinner at 7.30 pm. But, we enjoyed the laid back dinner and clean up together.

By the end of Friday, we all were so tired that we dozed at 11 pm.

Saturday was a busy busy day! I worked on Jyothi kaku’s story until late hours of morning. Her story is very close to my heart especially because of the bond that I share with Amrutha and her. For an emotional person like me even penning down something so deep and tragic is a journey by itself. I have cried so much during these 4 hours of writing it down. I could in some way relate to the pain Jyothi kaku went through. Like me both of them are only daughters and not pampered bad. I had come close to a situation like Jyothi kaku’s, but had the chance to correct my mistake in time. The thought of that situation leading into the same path like Jyothi kaku’s, gives me goosebumps! But, that story for some other time! Not yet!

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The message of her story was important to me as a human being. The purpose to feature such Iron women is to discuss the problems and attempt to resolve them. Social or not, every issue needs to be addressed. Any deep-rooted problem gives birth to crime and violence. So many women gulp down their sour wounds in the name of society, children and peer pressure. The question is, is it right? I think, it’s inhuman to not speak up for such problems. If you or someone you know faces or faced domestic violence, speak up. The society dynamics would never be static.

In my opinion, society is made to protect us and not to make us submissive. A little boldness can save your life from ruins and your children or loved ones can lead a violence free life. No child must be given the sight of any kind of violence. So, my earnest plea to all (irrespective of gender, caste and creed) is to wake up from the slumber of extreme tolerance and speak. Jyothi kaku’s life is an inspiration to all young men and women. Don’t suppress your problems, address them and resolve! There are hands of help and shoulders of support everywhere, hold on to them!

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The numerous mails and feedback from so many readers shows that we are still humane. My heartfelt thanks to you for your support and sharing your stories! Amrutha and Jyothi kaku also had mails pouring in from all over the world. Let this courage be your shadow always! Let this enlightenment (Jyoti) be the new reason to live!

The show must go on-but not when you suppress the truth! Face the truth, embrace it but don’t live with injustice.

Until late evening on Saturday I was overwhelmed with the response to this story. I for once was felt happy about writing something so tragic but beamingly positive. Rohan was so moved by the story that he could not stop himself from sharing it with his friends and family. Trust me that’s not usual. He would never promote a post if he does not believe in it.

The post had totally drained me so we had a quick lunch before heading out.

We had a social commitment to attend in the evening. We thought we would just drop by for the birthday party for an hour and head back home! But, my son loved the games etc. there are we over-stayed our welcome at V’s party:P. It was fun! After ages ate good snacks and chaats in the Bay area!

Now my son is a Desi at heart. He loves his roti and curry all the time. Even though he had the pizza and fries at the party he came home hungry for some roti and vegetable! Fortunately, I had made some extra for lunch so did not have to cook at 10.30pm! (Yeah, desi mothers would beam with joy but not at 10.30 pm!). While I wondered that on a busy day like today my walk was missed; something dropped on the carpet and had to vacuum the whole house-and my 30 minute walk was done :P. Sharing something from archives 🙂

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I had a good day and wanted to dose off! It’s a rare thing lately to not blog and sleep. Blogging is my conversation time with myself J. But this weekend, I just wanted to take a break from blogging! And the 2day hiatus was good J.

That reminds me to share one interesting post. Do read that :). I believe in keeping it honest and frank than exaggerated or hidden. It makes me vulnerable,but I m not going to worry about that!

Sunday was busier than Saturday. We had to collect boxes (for moving) from a friend in San Ramon. Su and Ma tricked us into actually having lunch with them at their place. It’s always nice to meet both of them. Udeet enjoys their company too. That makes it easier for us to spend time with them then.

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Yeah, it might sound ridiculous to those who haven’t experienced it. But, there are social circles that don’t entertain people with children or if the children belong to different age groups. I don’t mind it as much. Initially, it came as a shocker but it’s routine now. As time passes and you get into a senior year of being a parent, you stop getting affected anyway (even if it comes from close friends). Some parents who have already seen this would definitely nod!

Anyway, so we came to Santa Clara hoping Udeet would sleep for a while. He was in no mood to nap. He instead was hungry for roti-sabji again:P. We had to go to the San Jose house to check on the progression of work and hence without wasting time I fed him J.

The story of a desi boy’s mom:P!

The house seems to be getting ready for us. The flooring job will be finished by mid-week. We asked Bageshree and Sameer (our cousins and neighbors) to come over and have a look! They gave us lot of pointers on landscaping! We have no clue about it at all! The previous owner had planted some fruit trees for probably he knew the lazy new landlords like us would not know what to do :P!

But, on a serious not landscaping is going to get tougher in CA. Particularly if you have extensive laws and beds of hedges, water is going to come at a price. We are planning to go the eco-friendly route. We aren’t planning on getting lawns or the artificial counterparts in the backyard.

More than the 1000$ penalty, we are worried about the water funding for our consumption (basic needs). I m sure all the home-owners in CA have received a notice of their own! (Yeah, it is a shame for lovely roses would look great on the porch. but cannot help!). Any ideas on cutting water consumption? Suggestions welcome J

After a long day, Bageshree, Sameer and us decided to get pizza at home. By the way,this pizza place had a great collection of Indian style pizzas. Loved the Kachori and Paneer tikka one. Not to mention,I stuffed myself for dinner with carbs (light on cheese and thin crust in my defense :P). Udeet was too tired and slept peacefully.

We had a long chat at the dinner table with Bageshree and Sameer.

Long and busy day!! Weekend was a perfect blend of lazy, busy and overlap. Lazy Saturday, busy Sunday and overlapping meals with friends J Cannot ask better J.


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