Saree Pledge Pact: Celebrating 4 weeks <3

The love of “Sarees” is an heirloom passed from one generation to the other in my family. I have always admired the gorgeous attire and began draping it sooner than expected from most girls born in 80’s.

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Luckily my love only deepened for this traditional piece of beauty. As I grew up, I had a collection of my own (separate from my Aai’s). My eyes caught fancy of silks and chiffons the most. The fabrics made me look leaner and were easy to maintain. I liked flaunting my (and my Aai’s) collection at various events while in India. Though my work was construction oriented and involved visiting sites (for supervision and meetings), I managed my Sareewell.

Things changed once I moved to USA after marriage. Though I carried my love for Sarees in my heart, it was difficult to flaunt it often for lack of reason or occasion. The first year I had brought with me (from India) from home a dozen Sarees! My husband wondered what would I do of all of them. He was right and I decided to carry them to India in less than a year L. I was sad that all the wonderful silks and chiffons, cottons and tussars had to be kept back into my closets in India.

Thereafter, I carried 3-4 sarees numbered for major festivities during the year. But, recently I had a brainwave to unify the women of the world through Sarees and shared my thought with Anita.Our conversations were lovelier than ever! And the group that we dreamed of was a success! The love went viral across the globe! The group was soon flooded with stories about sarees and details on their type etc. I was happy again! The tradition needs to live and passed to the new generation!

Featured imageA member of the group Deepta stumbled upon “Saree Pledge news on BBC and shared with me over a month ago. A Saree Pledge pact signed between two friends Ally Mathan and Anju Maudgal Kadam residing in India was the news that gained attention from all over the world. I was inspired

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No sooner after that news was read that I became a part of a Saree Pledge Pact with my friend Sheetal Kirtikar-Kulkarni who shares my love for Sarees equally. We embarked upon our journey together and decided to adorn Saree once a week. However, our challenges are different from those residing in India as we live in a foreign land. But, we made up our minds and decided to keep it an honest pledge for as long as we can.

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As a gift at the end of a certain tenure we plan to gift each other identical sarees, perhaps different colours J (I know crazy but we are loving it!).

Our acquaintance goes back to my days at L.S Raheja School of Architecture in Bombay. Pretty girl Sheetal was my senior and we always looked up to her for design solutions and concepts. She was one of the ace students of her batch. After she passed out, we lost touch. Thanks to Facebook,we connected again. She is extremely talented and enthusiastic mother of twin boys (Siddharth and Gautam) and stays in Minneapolis, Mn. We shared our love for food as well. She is an amazing culinary mind! Not only that, she has a great eye for photography. With so much in common, we happily joined arms to board on this journey I started 4 weeks ago and Sheetal joined me in the middle (last 2 weeks)! And, look how!

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(Sheetal’s journey is 2 weeks old but we have put in her old pics) Our husbands (mine is Rohan & hers is Jaydeep) have gone bananas with our new pledge! They are totally supportive but are wondering how did these mad women get a long lost twin? 😛 Don’t ask J .While they are having a crazy time laughing at our ideas we are having a blast with our rekindled friendship and love of Sarees!

Me and Sheetal welcome all enthusiastic ladies to join us in the revolution for re-incarnating Saree as an attire. This is a challenge based on honest commitment. If you cannot make it in a particular week, you would have to wear it twice in the next week! Are you ready sisters? If yes,follow our journey on this blog and share your experiences through mails!

Our closets are packed and all set for the next few weeks! My Aai shall be soon sending a batch of my sarees for fueling this challenge :P. Sheetal’s closet is all decked up and colour coded with over 50 sarees!

And in the words of true LSRiates (our alma matter), we say “Bol LSR halla Bol, Saree pehnke jorse bol” J (LSR girl- conquer the challenge draped in a saree J).

Any more takers to join us (me and Sheetal) ? Share your saree pact experiences on this blog!


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