The Infinity Award Nomination!

“For the celebration I got champagne flutes, even though I’m not musical. That night I felt like Mozart. He was a drunk, right?” Jarod Kintz “This Book is Not For Sale”.

In the same spirit and virtual state of being drunk, I am happy to re-announce that my fellow blogger Sandhya has nominated me for the Infinity Award. Thanks Sandhya for the honour and again excuse me for the delay in responding! The news really made me feel so proud that a shot or two helped me appreciate the value of such a nomination. I truly needed to introspect if it was deserved or not :P! Yes, I am always this analytical J.Featured image

Awards and nominations come with a great sense of responsibility and expectation from the critiques (for glory or depreciation) to be able to keep up to the quality of content.

Sandhya wanted me to nominate 7 other promising incredible bloggers and share my dreams/desires along with some introduction about myself! Sandhya, that’s going to be toughest part for me J. But, I will give it a try!

 A heart without a desire is like a fire without warmth,

A lady without a dream is like a bird without wings,

A mind without a simplified hope is like a body without a soul,

I am a lady that defies the norm yet manages to be normal!

 A lady full of thoughts in a sealed envelope is like the storm after the quiet,

A lady that rebels and submits is like the dawn after the dusk,

A lady that dares and dreams is like the lost tide that gushes into the ocean with defeat,

I m a lady that defies the norm yet manages to be normal!

Featured image

So, I write J (or have been pretending to do so since 2006). But, this totally defines me as a person. For years that I lost my voice to rebel, this blog is a perfect vent. It’s complicated I know!

Apart from writing I am an arts lover. I enjoy music, pottery, photography and painting. It’s been a while but reading Jefferry Archer is my solace. Though my blogs brag about my mother’s food and goodness (and one might be lead to be fooled), I am totally Baba’s daughter (daddy’s daughter). And yes, my love of Sarees is not an unknown now or is it? :P.

Cooking has been a stress buster for all the years that I could not practice my vocation after migrating to US. It has helped me dig deep into the science behind every recipe and enjoy individual ingredients that go into my system.

I hail from Bombay. One could take me out of there but Bombay shall always stay inside me! Always. (Btw,that reminds me to share a newsAaswad Restaurant in Bombay made us proud by bagging the award for their signature misal pav for the “tastiest vegetarian dish in the world” award in London). My recipe would soon be published-loads of backlog!

Featured image

Featured image

I am a classically trained Architect and hold masters in Construction Project Management.

I am still awaiting for my big break and foray into a meaningful career in the US. But I am very hopeful!

“There is more to me than words could refine,

More words could ruin the context of me,

If the words count,

Then count me not,

For there is more to me than words could define!”

But, if I had to (have to as per the guidelines of the awards) enlist few dreams and desires that keep me up and bouncing, here’s a real cutthroat list!

  •  To never stop aspiring..

I need to breathe dreams and believe in them. If I stop to do so they would never get the best of me. I frankly feel the best has yet to come; the better has yet to overcome!

  • To never stop learning..

I am basically extremely bad at being idle. My mind has to be busy with something. Thankfully my father and I shared this gene pool so following his footsteps learning new things always keeps me motivated. I m a great admirer of the processes than the actual product, so learning process fascinates me!

  • To be a little heartless..

Yeah, that’s right. I have always had issues from being exceedingly involved and invested in people. I have been bruised and hurt a million times. My compassionate heart fails my brain and its power to hold control over emotions. So, sometimes I truly hope to be a little heartless! 😛

  • To Simplify life..

I watch Daniel Tiger’s “world of make belief” with my son. Every time we watch it, I hope honestly to believe that life would be as simple as to “use your/one’s words” to explain or express and resolve issues. In the real world, we are too busy hiding our true emotions and creating a faux façade for the world.

Perhaps “to simplify life” I would have to become a cartoon character and pray Walt (Walter Disney) to make me the Minnie he designed on his desk (not the one we see today)! But, I still desire to simplify life in my own little way. No manipulation and no politics. Speak up for the righteous is my motto! But, my real desire is to get myself out of the tamed social context to be able to practice right of speech better :P.

  • To finally get a job on merit!

That’s quite a bit. I cannot think of more that what I could achieve in a while now!

And now the seven nominations for the Infinity Awards are:

Congratulations to the lovely Bloggers for the nomination! I’d like all of you to share more about yourself,your desires and nominate 7 more awesome bloggers!

 And Sandhya, thanks again for the opportunity and nomination!

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