All is Well!

A month and over of hiatus finally comes to an end! Ah, how I have missed being here. This being the space that keeps my spirits high! But, I m back recharged and lighter than before! Yes, the hourglass is on its way to be!! And All is well! (pic courtesy:google images)

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Where had I vanished? The house move finally happened in the wee hours of 25th June 2015 though our material existence (the boxes et al) had been moved on 18th the contractor hadn’t finished work enough for us to start living into the place we will finally belong. But our apartment lease was to end on 25th at 6.00 pm and we had no choice but to move in as-is! The contractor drama in detail for future posts! Trust me it has been one real life drama that moved me totally!

Anyway, the house is all set! We have had the fortune of visitors from all corners of the world visiting us in our new home. Yes, we are finally home! And not a minute goes that I don’t think about this house we bought and a home we made J. Every corner and every wall made specially for us to render memories that would last a lifetime.

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In the meanwhile, I have lost a total of 7lbs from May 10th.The inches have dropped down considerably. The moment of rejoice was when I could fit into a sleeveless blouse from circa 2008! That week of my saree pledge challenge made it ultra special to adorn the 5 yards of awesome-ness!

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And BTW, I successfully enter my 14th week of saree pledge challenge this week! My mother is busy cleaning up her saree closets and shipping some of her classics collected over last 50 years to my new home! Home seems home already with two packages already sitting pretty into my closet! Time to hit the red carpet J! And yes, wait for a big announcement about it soon!

Moving and settling down could be extremely stressful. Especially the last 15 days before the move-out date we ate out a lot. I was so concerned about the weight then! But, to my surprise my weight remained the same through those 15 days!

The regimen after moving into the new home has changed a bit. I haven’t yet begun my 30-day Ab challenge that stopped suddenly a month ago due to the move. I regularly sweep the floors at the new place to keep them clean and myself lean :P! So far that plan seems to have been working well but need to get back to ab challenge!

Another highlight of the last month has been Sumana Doss Barman’s challenge of sayings/proverbs / idioms! Madam, I m going to take it up by horns! No further delays! And we will meet really soon!

Traditionally a social butterfly is not what I would call myself (instead a wallflower would be perfect for me) but last few weeks have been busy attending get-togethers and dinners! I probably am ready for a break there! “Oh Surely”, my husband would say!

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The new kitchen kicks me to try new recipes from the backyard basket of ingredients. I made this delicious basil plum sauce (from the plum tree here) that would be served that would be served with Chicken soon!

Yes, that reminds me to thank my lovely audience for being patient and sharing the pics of recipes from here that you and your family enjoyed! Chickpea crusted eggplant hearts on platter recipe seems to hit the right nerve! I m so glad to share a bite of my childhood with all of you!! Thanks for trying these!

In short, All is well! I m pretty much planning to be the hourglass mommy, not figuratively but in reality! And she is here to stay!! Gear up, buckle up!


5 thoughts on “All is Well!

  1. Dear Manasi,
    Your post reminds me of my own renovation time. My contractor was supposed to deliver my home by May and he finished barely by end of June. I was just saying my husband yesterday, remember our trips to BB & B last year? We moved even if he did not finish any of my wooden cabinets. So for 7 to 8 days all we ate was frozen food and pickups. And we both work, so imagine how hard it was for us. We used to go back home at 5, I used to clean the entire evening and my husband used to do manly work – like hanging blinds, pictures etc. It took me a while to get settled. I am surprised that you’re blogging, I could not blog for 3 months April – Aug. I would recommend go somewhere and have fun! You’ll need it. And yes, welcome to home-owner ship 🙂 A lot more to come sweety


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