Chevron Prints & The dining Chairs: A lovestory <3

As an architect my brain is wired with aesthetics in a weird way. Yes, I don’t laugh at Antonio Gaudi’s twisted columns. I absolutely adore them and marvel over their grandeur.

Featured image(pic courtesy: google images)

So, moral of the prelude is my brain begins to itch inorder to reform things and make them my own J.

I like cost friendly ideas though. Some concepts on pinterest and fantastic. One of them is the makeover of old dining chair covers and giving them the hint of season in play. It’s super easy and if one invests a maximum of 20-25$ one could really spruce up the boring chairs into pieces of art!!

The fabric is something that I m very picky about because it needs to be soft, stiff, budget friendly with a trendy print on it. Yes, I m demanding. But do you think hourglass mommies get to do that often? Ahh, let’s not discuss that J It’s a known in all the unknowns around, don’t you think?

This time though there was an added enthusiastic criterion while selecting the fabric was the new house! The chairs need to be in sync with the “oh so red wall”, ivory curtains and navy sofas.

Featured image

I was surfing the net for some fabric ideas, prints and colours that would go well with my specifications. Internet was full of Chevy print madness. I was intrigued with the zig-zags and instantly fell for them!

The makeover has a recipe for sure J


  • 5-2 yards of fabric (Joann’s, Michaels as well as few Walmart stores carry the fabric & textile.)

Featured image

  • A staple gun (we bought the stapler but one could even rent it from the local branch of hardware stores and the pins are available in every supermarket.)
  • Staple pins. (You will need quite a bit to set the fabric correctly on the seat backing)
  • 4 Chairs with removable seats. My hubby removes the seat in advance so its easy to cut the fabric, staple and fit the seat back.
  • A pair of sharp scissors.
  • 20 min of your precious time.


  • Preparing the Fabric: Lay the fabric on a flat surface with its wrong side (back side) up and the actual design pattern facing down. If the fabric has wrinkles or crease, I like it iron it out. Keeps the fabric look crisp. (Yes, I show clear signs of being related to Monica Gellar).

Featured image

  • Preparing the seat back: If the seat has any other detachable covers (apart from the cover that it had when bought as it acts as an insulation), please remove them. Especially the pins you need to get rid of them (if you had pinned any before for some reason).

Featured image

  • Place the seat back side up on the fabric. At a distance of 3-4 inches from the seat make a mark or just fold then cut carefully. The panel for first seat is ready.
  • Use that panel as the stencil and cut three more for the other seats.
  • Then place the fabric and seat as mentioned before. Fold the margins on the seat and staple them. This needs to be done right. If you are not sure of holding it tight by yourself please ask someone to hold it while you staple.

Featured image

  • The corners need to be neatly tucked into and then stapled. They are first to come off so firmly press it down on seat back and then staple it.
  • Turn it around and fix it to the chair body!
  • Done, just relax and have fun!

The chevy print and the chairs are just mad about each other or so I feel 🙂 They gel well with the general ambience of our living space and kitchen. And my husband feels I m crazy! He loved the look but he feels I m too much into sprucing up things. Ha ha whatever!

Featured image

I love being myself 🙂 A little twisted and twirled but an hourglass at heart 🙂

As Marilyn Monroe saysI’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”. 


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