The hour glass mommy

The hour glass mommy; competitive in approach,classical in training and compassionate for empathy.

She (me and many alike) is pragmatic and charming both. Its the journey of me,mine and many alike who strive hard each day to design a better world for ours. This is about me,the lady of the world-my choices,struggles and triumphs.The journey that envelopes the true essence of a lady. This blog is cut throat,brutally honest and unexaggerated daily log of my fitness routine to achieve the hour glass figure with no extra minutes πŸ˜› !

So,join me into a journey through the gastronomical world of yummy-ness with a high health quotient and my experiences with the world!


21 thoughts on “The hour glass mommy

  1. HI, mommy! Thanks for the follow and good luck in your shapely quest. Having worked through a weight problem, let me remind you it is a one day at a time deal. Be gentle with yourself when/if you slide.

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      1. Manasi, I am also always confused about the rules for these awards. If I am interpreting them correctly,
        The award rules say- thank the person/blog who nominated you, tell us about your dreams and nominate 7 blogs you like.
        Have fun!


      2. Manasi, Yes I did go and check out some links too but decided to follow the same format that I was sent when nominated.
        That having said , I would love to know more about you and your fabulous blog. So do tell us about it.

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      3. I thanked Syephy an dgave a link to her blog. Then wrote 7 of my dreams/ wishes and then nominated 7 amazing blogs. After providing a link to them, I wrote to them on their blog to congratulate them!
        Good luck and have fun!

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    1. Apurva congratulations! you deserve every bit of this nomination! i have always followed your recipes and they are just out of the world! I m extremely honored with those priceless words you have written for me πŸ™‚ Thanks for that πŸ™‚ Bloggers like you girl inspire me! So continue to blog always! and all the very best for the cookery book! kids with a mother like you are definitely going to be happy and make you proud with their achievements! For every dream you have,for every hope you feel I wish you from the bottom of my heart and on the top of my voice “All the very best”. I’d share my father’s word here-The journey might be difficult,but you will succeed!Amen!


  2. What a beautiful approach to life! So happy we can share on each-others adventures and common vision for making this world a better place πŸ™‚


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