Sino’s 2015: The Glutton in me!

“I believe that life is a celebration, a celebration of being able to experience all shades of life. We all have our reasons to celebrate each colour of life, don’t we?”  This week surely has been a week of celebrations.

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Firstly, a gorgeous and talented fellow blogger Sandhya of Indfused nominated me for the Infinity Awards! Yay, I am so happy to be nominated that it took a while for me to actually blog about it, Sandhya thanks a million for the shout out and sorry for the delay in acknowledging J. I shall be blogging shortly the answers to all the questions as well as the names of 7 most promising bloggers!

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I m also glad to announce another happy moment of mention of appreciation from another lovely fellow blogger Chaitrali. Thank you girls for making it so special for me! Hoping to keep up to the faith and promise you hold in me!

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Third and most important reason for celebration is the Graduation of my friend Pranaya. She graduated this spring from NPU, CA. She is like a sister to me and I along with a lovely bunch of enthusiastic friends wanted to make it special for her. Graduation walks are very pristine. We arranged for a dinner and fun get together at Sino’s, Santana Row. Chatty friends dressed to dare and on a mission, what more does one need for a graduation dinner? Meena made sure that Pranaya got her beautiful surprise gift along with a bouquet that I got on behalf of all of us!

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An unexpected fourth celebration was all my friends decided to gift me wonderful gifts as a birthday presents (birthday was last month so this was totally unexpected!). Cannot thank them enough for making it such a precious moment for me!

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Sino’s is an absolute fun place! The ambience and vibe is definitely fresh and youthful. The bar and the eating arena are completely vibrant. Perfect use of red hues and lighting (read-not meant for photography :P) make it trendy. The next time thought I m going to make sure we book for the outdoor seating only! As the place gets busier, it was warmer in there. But, the music and cordial staff makes up for it! I was a bit confused to see babies in there. The loud music and drinks with babies?? Really? I m no judge to make passes but it did seem a bit odd. Poor baby L!

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The menu has decent options for vegetarians and Sino’s also substitutes meat with vegetarian/vegan alternatives if requested. However, the general tone of food tends towards a sweet-sour taste. The chicken lollipop was well cooked, crunchy on the exterior and moist on the inside but had a sweet after taste. The sauce and spring mix served along was tasty though. The seafood dumplings were good. I had a bite and realized (I know, have developed an allergy for prawns/shrimps all of sudden at puberty.) they have prawns so could not eat more, but they were delicious. But again, if you are a savory-spicy eater-that’s not the dish for you.

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We ordered Sea bass, Veg.fried rice, Eggplant Stir fry, Tofu curry,Fire Cracker Chicken and Veg.Noodles for main course. The firecracker chicken was a stunner! The chicken was smooth and silky. It had a perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy! I loved this dish! The Sea Bass was well cooked, had a beautiful colour and had infused flavor from coconut milk. The tenderness of coconut milk definitely worked with the Sea Bass. The Sea bass needed some heat though. A little spice could have elevated the tenderness to another level. So needs improvement (Sino chefs I hope you are listening :P).

The fried rice was tasty and loaded with MSG :P. The Glutton in me wanted to ,but the hourglass in me stopped me from any more gluttony! The noodles were decent, nothing great about them again.

The drinks were great. I especially loved the Peach Martini my friend had ordered. It was citrusy and strong! Exactly how I love it! But I m on a strict diet, so nothing beyond a little glass of Riseling for me! Adventures need optimization, don’t they? J

I would give 5 on 5 for ambience, music and vibe! The food however was above average (thanks to the fried rice and firecracker chicken) so I would give a 3 out of 5. But, the drinks were great, so a big shout out to the bar-magician-you sure score 4 on 5!

If you are looking for quiet dinners, this is not the place! It’s a happening joint! Little Black dresses, casual shirts and trousers with dinner jackets, lots of music and great music! So, if you wish to have fun times with friends, it is a top on the list!


30 day Ab challenge Announcement

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Fourth week begins! Though I haven’t lost tons of weight, the drop has been study, 3 lbs. in 3 weeks. Its not dramatic but I m still content with it. As long as I m not putting on weight or losing drastically, a steady graph marching towards the target is fair. I have lost some inches though. Haven’t had the chance to measure but my jeans fits loser than before!

Most of the routine remains the same diet wise. If I have to compromise my diet for something so urgent then I make amends accordingly. In a busy mommy-full day it’s difficult to keep up with the walk or diet regimen. Instead of carrying the guilt to the next meal, I start a fresh from the next meal during the day. Guilt tones down your pace of weight loss anyway. Any such bearing on mind leads to stress, so I rather keep it easy and clear. Don’t you think it makes sense? Take a deep breath and think about it stress free J.

Getting physically stronger and building a good core is my goal eventually. The overwhelming exhaustion after running, cleaning, cooking, washing around the house along with my son sometimes bogs me down. But, thanks to the lifestyle changes in the last 22 odd (okay, I know 22 is an even number :D) days have helped me gain some energy and enthusiasm for work. A month ago I used to get totally depressed cleaning over and over again or doing repetitive work but now because we clear up by 10,I get more time for myself. Though pulling through the day along with blogging at least 3 posts a day is extremely hectic (I understand the pain of working mothers a little better now).I manage to push off 2 posts while Udeet naps in the afternoon or early in the morning while he is asleep (ahh , these days he wakes up with me so early morning posts are a luxury)!

Two of my friends and me have decided to take up the 30 day ab challenge for the month of June starting from Monday, 1st June 2015(Meena and Rupali are my fitness buddies for this project). Both of them finished their dues for the day 1 of the challenge. I was tied up with few calls until late hours of the morning so could not do it in the morning and had to do it in the evening after tea. Meena and Rupali actually managed to motivate me to do it.

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Monday after the calls, I quickly rushed to fix us some lunch. Last week I got 2 cauliflowers thinking that there would be enough time to try out the Gobhi ka Shorba from Hari Nayak’s book, but could not make it then. When I opened the book for the recipe, the main ingredient was not cauliflower but vegetable stock! Did not have a store bought one neither had enough veggies to make one by myself. So made simple Carrot, Peas and cauliflower Sauté and rotis for Udeet. I ate the leftover Waalachi usal for lunch.

After much convincing His Highness agreed to nap after his bath but I was so drained (from the busy weekend) that me snoozed for while too. Was woken up by husband (who came from office) and then I decided to look into blogging something. Good Lord! I had to finish logging for whole of the weekend! And zapity-zip transferred all notings from my phone notes to the word document.

Soon after that I began making rotis and vegetable pulav (vegetable pilaf) out of leftover sabji from Sunday. The dinner was quick and Udeet was so tired that slept sooner than expected. Monday night, I was up till late and finished composing few of my posts for later.

Whoa, the day was packed!

Tuesday morning I finished my target for ab challenge # Day 2! Felt so nice to do it early in the morning! It took 5-7 minutes to finish the sit-ups and crunches etc. I m sure looking at the exhaustive timetable, it’s soon going to take more than an hour to finish! But, looking forward to it! Waiting to shed the flab steadily!

Started teaching Udeet subtraction today! He liked it and was pretty fast with numbers! I was surprised and shocked! My mind thinking: “My son good at Math?” Wow! I was a disaster with Numbers! He has gladly taken after my father and Rohan! I am happy as long as he inherits my looks :P. He looks exactly like me!

Today’s lunch was a fasting recipe, but extremely low calorie enriched with protein and carbs. I made some Samo Rice with jalpeno peppers, cumin, olive oil and potato. Simple and elegant dish very similar to Upma (Savory semolina pudding) /Sanjã! But,this version is pure white in colour! To me such meals are comforting. You cannot eat a lot of it at one time, but it’s sumptuous!

I figured out what was wrong with the camera settings that were causing focus to blur out in few pictures. I had forgotten to shift the mode to Manual and kept clicking pictures in auto mode itself. That’s why the focus kept moving all the while. Anyway, lesson learnt. Check camera settings before clicking :P.

But I am a bit absent minded (heard most mothers are J) and sometimes cook without the flame on. Seriously, I have to come over this pretty soon. I have been evading driving car also for all these years, but now just no time for that after we move into the house! Lot of challenges to conquer this year, but I have no choice! I have to! Do you also have a set of challenges to conquer? Share how you plan to face them!

Udeet wagged his nap today! Slept barely for an hour. I wasn’t able to achieve a lot posts wise but managed to pass through the new column on my blog called “the glutton in me”.

By the time I finished Udeet was up already!

Today was one of those days when a housewife needs to think out of the box. We were busy over the weekend and could not go for fresh produce and grocery. My wheat flour pack had just ½ cup flour left! Mixed Chickpea flour and Organic Barley flour and made Rotis for us!

I cleaned up sooner and just went to bed! The blogging, renovations and the move, 30-day ab challenge, saree pledge pact (i have big newson that front) and lots more! Life is a full house at the moment for me! How about you??